This is an official Wiki intended to be a complete source of information to the Allied Generals Shattered Alliance modification for Command and Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. Here you can find details and guides about the updated factions, their units and the mods lore. 

About AGSA

AGSA (Allied Generals Shattered Alliance, often shortened as SA) is an upcoming total conversion for Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge

AGSA uses the Ares Expansion DLL which allows new features to be added into the gameplay, making the mod vastly different than the original Yuri's Revenge and more suitable for multiplayer, co-operative gameplay. Instead of following the tradition "rush" mechanics seen in the original game, AGSA encourages total warfare - huge scale battles involving a mix of units are essential in the chaotic, brutal battlefield that is presented to the player.  

AGSA features completely new factions which are the European Self Defense Force (ESDF), People's Republic of Asia (PRA), and Paradigm. Heavily influenced by alternate history and science fiction novels, AGSA poses the following questions: 

What if the European states had become a superpower after the defeat of the Soviet Union?

What if China had rose to power and expanded its influence in the Far East?

What if the USA had been thrown into chaos by a devastating world event and for an uprising to bring unity to a neglected populace in the Middle East?

With an uneasy stalemate between the  ESDF, PRA and the mysterious Paradigm, the only outcome is war.

In addition you can expect the following from AGSA

  • New building, unit and terrain graphics present a dark, post apocalyptic enviroment. 
  • Command and Conquer the land, air and sea with over 170 new units and structures
  • Devise unique strategies with combat doctrines and deploy support powers to weaken your opponents. 
  • An aggressive and unrelenting AI will push you and your fellow commanders skills to the limits. 
  • A complete overhaul of gameplay mechanics and balance with inspiration from total war games such as Supreme Commander and Hearts of Iron
  • Brand new EVA for all 3 factions with a contribution by the legendary Frank Klepacki 
  • New skirmish maps
  • New multiplayer modes


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